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State Inspection & Emissions in Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Take care of your vehicle’s Pennsylvania state inspection at Murphy’s Auto and Cycle in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. We’re state certified for checking your state emissions and inspections requirements.

State Certified for Your Convenience

Pennsylvania’s state vehicle inspection laws are no joke. Save yourself the hassle and expense of dealing with an invalid inspection citation by bringing your vehicle to us. We’re a state-certified safety and emissions inspection center for automobiles and motorcycles.

Private Inspections & Diagnostics

Preventing costly auto repairs with early detection and diagnostics is the smartest way to drive. Make sure your prospective or current vehicle is up to the task and in great mechanical order with our independent inspections and diagnostics service.

When you’re looking at buying a vehicle, we'll check it out and make sure it's in tip-top shape before you drive it away. If it’s been a while since you started up your old bike, we can help you get it back in shape. Come visit us before you head out on a long trip or vacation to make sure you have a safe and worry-free trip.
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Contact us to get your car or motorcycle back on the road with auto repairs from Murphy’s Auto and Cycle in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.